September Newsletter

Dear Patient!

The viruses common during the autumn months can often cause persistent coughing or earache even from a common cold. The Robert Health Centre now offers new ear, nose and throat (ENT) services, and is ready to welcome and provide effective recovery for its patients every day.

We are launching new treatment programs for men, which have rarely been applied in Hungary so far. Special urology examinations and treatment intended to preserve youth, manliness, physical and mental freshness are now available. Medical solutions are now in place to slow down time and the process of ageing for men. Recommended over 45!

Our dentistry has also been developed, offering favourable prices and an expanded range of services for adults and children alike. Thus, our health centre now operates paediatric dentistry, in addition to dental surgery and orthodontics.

To arrange an appointment, please call: +36 40 372 300.

We are happy to introduce our new ENT specialist

We are happy to introduce our new ENT specialist, Dr. Valéria Jósa, who has vast experience in nose, palatine tonsil and other operations, as well as in eliminating snoring…

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Besides tending to adults and children who turn to us in connection with nasal breathing, earache or a sore throat, at our health centre, as of September, Dr. Valéria Jósa also performs ENT operations, with vast experience in this field. This has once again made it possible for patients to receive comprehensive treatment and care in the shortest possible time at our health centre, from the diagnosis, through laboratory tests to operations and a full recovery. In the renovated, state-of-the-art operating rooms of our inpatient facility, the Robert Karoly Private Clinic, ENT specialist Dr. Valéria Jósa performs surgical procedures on: palatine tonsils, the pharyngeal tonsil,  the nasal septum; nasal polyps and chronic sinus infections (nasal endoscopic surgery); the implantation of ear tubes in the eardrums (in case of chronic serous otitis media); diminution of the nasal concha (to improve nasal breathing); diminution of the palatine uvula and tightening of the soft palate  (to eliminate snoring).

In case of acute symptoms, the ENT specialists of the Robert Health Centre await both adults and children with a quick and precise diagnosis, the appropriate treatment and advice, every day of the week.

Dr. Valéria Jósa consulting time: Wednesday 15:00-17:00

Dr. Tatjana Majoros consulting times: Tuesday 9:00-12:00; Thursday 16:00-17:00

Dr. György Szalai consulting time: Tuesday 15:30 – 16:45

Dr. Enikő Zsolnai consulting times: Monday 8:00 – 18:30; Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8:00-14:00.

We look forward to your call!

To arrange an appointment, please dial: +36 40 372 300.

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Solutions instead of challenges!

Solutions instead of challenges! If you are male, over 50, and have difficulty concentrating your attention, often feel tired, your physical strength or stamina have ebbed, intimate get-togethers are few and far between, which perhaps even your partner has remarked…if this is the case, do not hesitate! Our new urology program is for you. Stay youthful! Enjoy the benefits of manhood!

The mature manhood program is recommended for men over 45 who are showing signs of a reduced testosterone level in their bodies. These signs can be mental, such as having difficulty concentrating, a shortage of energy, sleep disturbances, mood swings or depression. Or they can be physical, e.g. the loss of muscle mass, the ebbing of physical strength, changes in the body (shift in the proportion of muscle/fat, abdominal obesity), the appearance of metabolic problems, osteoporosis, a drop in sexual libido, disturbances in potency. It is primarily the testosterone hormone which makes men manly. If the level of testosterone in the body decreases, the aforementioned symptoms need to be treated, not only because such a condition impacts men’s relationships with the people around them and their work performance, but also because it could influence their self-esteem and quality of life.

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The program, known as andropause, is a series of examinations performed using a fully equipped urology laboratory, supplemented with other tests, if necessary (e.g. ultrasound bone density measurement). It includes the personalized adjustment of the testosterone level, under regular medical supervision. Patients’ mental – cognitive and physical condition is guaranteed to improve, as a result of treatment. Put simply, male patients undergoing such treatment effectively “become rejuvenated”, their load-bearing capacity and performance improves, their sexual habits return to what they used to be previously.

Let us also not forget, it is proven that the decrease of the testosterone level is connected to the appearance of cardiovascular diseases. It can also be associated with diabetes, the level of lipids in the blood, depression and dementia. It is therefore important to pay attention to symptoms indicating andropause, and to take the appropriate actions to ensure that the lives of mature men, and of their partners, should be full of youthfulness, energy and health, instead of disease. Improving or maintaining our quality of life not only alleviates the immediate issues, but could also have a fundamental impact on the years to come.
So if you feel that the answer to some of the questions below is a resounding yes, it is possible that your physical and/or mental problems are caused by a shortage of testosterone (answering the questions do not substitute clinical tests):


  • Do you often feel tired, easily fatigued?
  • Has your physical power, stamina, condition decreased?
  • Has your height decreased? Do you feel that your body measurements have become smaller?
  • Are you satisfied with your life? Do you enjoy your life?
  • Are you often ill-humoured and grumpy? Do you often have negative mood swings?
  • Has your sexual libido decreased over the past few years?
  • Have you experienced issues regarding your sexual potency?
  • Are you finding it increasingly difficult to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse?
  • Do you think you are a good lover (for your partner)?
  • Do you often doze off after dinner?
  • Do you sleep through the night?
  • Has your work performance deteriorated recently?
  • Do you have a smooth relationship with the people around you?
  • Are you able to pay attention to the people talking to you? Does your mind wander during conversations?
  • Are you able to handle stress?

Do not hesitate to answer these questions! Help is at hand!
Our andropause program is run by:

Dr. Gábor Merth, urologist, consulting times: Monday – Friday 8:30-12:30; Tuesday: 8:30- 11:30.

We look forward to your call!

To arrange an appointment, please dial: +36 40 372 300.

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Our expanded dentistry offers new prices and services

Not only have the prices of some of our services dropped, we also await patients with more dentists and an expanded range of services during consulting hours, at the dentistry section of the Robert Health Centre.


At our paediatric dentistry, children can familiarize themselves with dentists and the dental treatment room from the age of 3-4, without fear. At this early age, there is no need for intervention yet, as permanent teeth have not even appeared, but young ones can take positive experiences home with them. If regular, yearly visits to the dentist and the dentistry start at this early age, such occasions will not cause fear later on either, not even when regular dental check-ups become justified, at age 7 or 8, or if discussions need to be commenced about having braces. Orthodontics is not only necessary for aesthetic purposes; it is just as important for eliminating improper bites and guaranteeing a worry-free smile.


Our dentists perform dental fillings, tooth replacements, root canal treatment, oral implantology and many other forms of intervention using the most modern equipment and materials.

Find out about our new dentistry prices! We look forward to welcoming you amongst our patients!

Our dentistry team:

Dr. Ádám Majoros, consulting times:

Monday 9:00 – 12:00

Wednesday 9:00 – 12:00

Thursday 9:00 – 18:00

Dr. Zsófia Szendrő, consulting times:

Tuesday 9:00 – 14:00

Friday 9:00 – 14:00

Orthodontics for children and adults is available every Tuesday, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

To arrange an appointment, please call: +36 40 372 300.

We look forward to your call!

To arrange an appointment, please dial: +36 40 372 300.

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