October Newsletter

Dear Patient!

The Robert Health Centre has prepared three discount package offers for its patients for the month of October. The combined laboratory and endocrinology tests (hormone examinations) and the various examinations (e.g. ultrasound) assessing the condition of the thyroid gland are now available with a discount at our heath centre. The thyroid hormones have an impact on the metabolism of the entire body. So it is important to detect any issues in good time, and to monitor the signals sent by our bodies. It only takes a blood test and an ultrasound examination! Our doctors can then see the patient’s condition much more clearly.
We are delighted to introduce our new physicians; surgeon, gastroenterologist and proctologist Dr. Zoltán Tomcsik and urology professor Dr. Imre Romics.
The Robert Health Centre offers a vast array of outpatient services, in a single location. More than 70 renowned specialists are available for private consultancy, in approximately 30 areas of medicine. For the autumn, our health centre is offering new, optimized lab prices, personalized care and outstanding physicians for our patients.
We look forward to your call on: +36 40 372 300.

Our discount lab and ultrasound examination packages

During the autumn, our bodies must once again get used to shorter periods of daylight and less sunlight during the mornings. When we wake up in the morning, we often feel that we would like to rest a little more instead of getting up. Although this is a general phenomenon, fatigue is not always a product of the autumn atmosphere alone. It is important to monitor the signs!

Our discount lab and ultrasound examination packages have been compiled to provide a range of options, from simple routine examinations to longer, internal medicine status assessment tests.

Package 1: Thyroid lab test with thyroid gland ultrasound examination: 17 000 HUF instead of 19 000 HUF.
Package 2: Endocrinology examination, based on the results of the thyroid lab test and the thyroid gland ultrasound examination: 35 000 HUF instead of 39 000 HUF.
Package 3: Internal medicine examination, based on the results of the thyroid lab test + the thyroid gland ultrasound examination + the status assessment lab test: 43 000 HUF instead of 48 900 HUF.

The ultrasound examination calls attention to any diseases of the thyroid gland. The size and the structure of the gland are clearly visible on the ultrasound, so this pain-free examination is the ideal way to recognize any enlargement (called struma or goitre) of thy thyroid gland, or any nodular or cystic lesions, whilst the laboratory results received after the blood test provide information on the operation and the condition of the gland. The values evaluated during the blood test are: TSH, FT4, FT3 and Anti TPO.

The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped organ located in the lower neck area, in front of the trachea, which produces iodinated hormones, thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). These hormones play a key role in regulating metabolism and energy use in the body.

The operation of the thyroid gland is regulated by the pituitary gland, by means of producing the thyroid-stimulating hormone (also known as thyrotropin, or TSH). If the thyroid gland is not producing enough hormones, the level of TSH increases. This stimulates the thyroid gland to intensify its rate of operation. If the thyroid gland is overactive, the level of TSH decreases. This is a very fine regulatory mechanism, based on which the TSH level can be used to assess the operation of the thyroid gland. The TSH level can in turn be measured with a blood test.

The lack or the overproduction of thyroid hormones can be the cause of numerous unpleasant symptoms and complaints. A fast heart rate, weight loss combined with a steady or increased appetite, increased perspiration, reduced tolerance of warm conditions, a feeling of fatigue, irritability, tremors, diarrhea and increased hair loss can potentially all be symptoms of an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism). On the other hand, an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) can cause a slowdown in the metabolic rate, fatigue, hypersomnia, the deterioration of the ability to concentrate, cold intolerance, weight gain, constipation, a slow pulse, skin dryness and broken nails. Oedemas, a deterioration of the memory, a hoarse, lower voice, hair loss, baldness and a reduction of the libido can also appear. The various inflammatory diseases of the thyroid gland can cause hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

The symptoms often do not involve pain and go easily unnoticed. With the appropriate laboratory tests, however, even the smallest problems can be detected. In such cases, endocrinological consultation is definitely recommended. Examination by a specialist, including detailed anamnesis through questioning, provides a precise picture of the condition of the endocrine areas and the background of any issues. Our endocrinologist can then recommend the appropriate treatment.

The physician responsible for this area of medicine at the Robert Health Centre is:


Dr. Emma Varga internist, endocrinologist.
Consulting hours: Monday 9:00-16:00; Wednesday 9:00 – 16:00; Friday 9:00-14:00.

We look forward to your call.
To arrange an appointment, please dial +36 40 372 300.
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We are delighted to introduce our new physicians!

Dr. Zoltán Tomcsik, surgeon, gastroenterologist and proctologist 006
Dr. Tomcsik has a wealth of experience in treating ventral and groin hernias, gastrointestinal problems, bile issues and haemorrhoids. If the problems are greater than what can be managed at our health centre, our inpatient facility provides the ideal location for the necessary operation, treatment or colonoscopy performed with anaesthesia.
Our surgeons:
Dr. Zoltán Tomcsik consulting hours: Thursday 17:00-19:00
Dr. Péter Karádi consulting hours: Monday 9:00-14:00
Dr. Egon Svastics consulting hours: Tuesday 8:00-12:00
Dr. Zsombor Varga consulting hours: Wednesday 16:00-18:00
Dr. Péter Nagy consulting hours: Wednesday 10:00-12:00; Thursday 9:30.-11:30; Friday 9:00-13:00.

Professor Dr. Imre Romics, urologist, oncologist and medical laboratory specialist, university lecturer, doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.14 o_Romics_portré
Professor Romics has 40 years of experience in urology examinations, diagnostics, treatment and care, using efficient conservative, pharmacological or surgical practices.

Our urologists:
Prof. Dr. Imre Romics consulting hours: Tuesday 17:30-20:00
Dr. Gábor Merth consulting hours: Monday 8:30-12:30; Tuesday 8:30-11:30; Friday 8:30-13:00
Dr. László Péteri consulting hours: Wednesday 10:00-14:00
Dr. Mária Almási consulting hours: Thursday 8:30 – 13:00
Dr. László Váczi consulting hours: Thursday 16:00-18:00.


We look forward to your call.
To arrange an appointment, please dial +36 40 372 300.
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