July – August Newsletter

Dear Patient!

In our July-August newsletter we would like to provide some advice, but of course you can count on us at any time during the holiday season as well. We are therefore launching a special offer on a summer package consisting of dermatology and health assessment laboratory tests, which is available for 25,000 HUF instead of 29,900 HUF, until 31 August.
The summer is very enjoyable, but it also has its risks, especially with regard to our skin. In our newsletter we would like to call your attention to typical summer health issues, in the hope of preventing them. Should symptoms appear, however, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.
Our health centre is open all summer on weekdays, during the daytime, and our GP duty service is available during the night and on weekends, on +36 1 599 9971.

Some advice from our DERMATOLOGISTS

for the summer, on how various skin diseases react to sunlight…

In case of exposure to intense sunlight, the body could be weakened, and may become less resistant to herpes viruses already present in it. For many people, sunbathing regularly brings out the characteristic symptom of herpes.
Psoriasis usually reacts favourably to sunlight; the patches disappear, especially if the sunlight is coupled with a bath in saltwater (seawater). Indeed, many dermatologists expressly recommend seaside holidays as a cure for psoriasis. However, for 10% of the patients suffering from this skin disease, it is the sunlight which brings out the skin changes. It is worth consulting a doctor before heading off on holiday.

Sunbathing – in moderation – could also help weaken the symptoms of dermatitis.

If pimples or rashes of unknown origin appear, please visit a dermatologist immediately! Since these could have diverse causes, their treatment also occurs in different ways. The most frequent triggers are allergy, skin infection or a severe insect bite. The cooling or soothing liquids or creams available in pharmacies only provide a temporary remedy for the painful itch that often develops. During the summer, tiny flecks or spots, the symptoms of mycosis (fungal infection), frequently appear in body crevices. This can be prevented by wearing clothing which absorbs moisture and does not irritate the skin, and by using special talcum powder. The dermatologist’s trained eye will immediately see the appropriate method of treatment for the flecks and the complaints, so it is recommended to consult with a dermatologist as soon as possible, for a precise diagnosis.

Skin symptoms such as spots, acne and rosacea often intensify during the summer. Spots appearing on the face due to excess sebum production could become unpleasant, especially during puberty. In such cases, it is definitely worth arranging treatment with a dermatologist, to suit the specific needs of the patient.

So-called swimming pool warts often appear on various parts of the body during the summer. If this is the case, please do not hesitate to request treatment; dermatologists are able to eliminate the problem with minor intervention.

We look forward to your call.
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Advice from our DERMATOLOGISTS

on the role of vitamin D in preventing tumours and the meaning of the SPF number in sunscreen…

An adult is able to acquire the necessary daily dose of vitamin D in as little as ten minutes. It is enough for the head and the hands to be exposed to sunlight. The UVB rays enter the deeper layers of the skin, and facilitate vitamin D synthesis. The tumour prevention effect of vitamin D is well documented, especially in case of prostate, breast and colorectal cancer. It also reduces the likelihood of the appearance of diabetes, so sunbathing can be considered a part of our health preservation, but it will only fulfil this role if carried out in moderation.

Sunscreen products (suntan lotion) can offer two different types of protection, physical and chemical. Physical sunscreen creams have that well-known “stifling” feel to them, because they form a physical layer of protection on the surface of the skin, to reflect the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Chemical protection works by absorbing these harmful rays. With the use of modern sunscreen products, available in gel, spray and water-based cream form, the unpleasant, stifling feel can be avoided; they are light, easily absorbed and efficient.

Only sunscreen products offering physical protection can be applied to babies, since they are more susceptible to allergy, and cannot be exposed to chemicals through the skin. Therefore, it is important not to allow small children to play for long periods in intense sunlight, with their bodies exposed. If possible, keep them in the shade, dress them in light and thin clothing which covers their bodies, and apply physical sunscreen to exposed areas.

The SPF number in sunscreen. Dermatologists are often asked what the SPF number displayed on sunscreen products means. The sun protection factor (SPF) rating can best be interpreted with the related table containing the skin type and the length of time individuals with the given skin type can spend in the sun without getting sunburn. This is the period which sunscreen products lengthen, to various degrees. If you are interested in the details, please study the table below:

Characteristics Sun exposure time without sunscreen With SPF 15
Skin type 1 Hair: blond or red

Eyes: light blue
Skin: white, freckled

2-5 minutes approx. 30 minutes
Skin type 2 Hair: blond
Eyes: blue, green or grey
Skin: white, tans slightly
5-10 minutes approx. 2 hours
Skin type 3 Hair: dark blond, light brown
Eyes: grey, green or brown
Skin: beige, will tan
10-20 minutes approx. 3 hours
Skin type 4 Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Skin: Creole, tans well
20-40 minutes approx. 3.5 hours
Skin type 5 Hair: dark brown
Eyes: dark brown
Skin: dark brown, tans quickly
40-60 minutes usually does not get sunburn
Skin type 6 Hair: black
Eyes: dark brown, almost black
Skin: dark brown, black
usually does not get sunburn usually does not get sunburn


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