2016. February Newsletter

Dear Patient!

Have your vitamin levels measured, follow the appearance of our online psychology test and discover why managers still face the dilemma of “fight or flight” every day…

Special offer!

Vitamin level test, laboratory test and internal medicine specialist examination for 30 000 HUF! Arrange an appointment, so that we can measure the level of vitamin D and B12 in your body and perform a general “condition assessment” laboratory test*, so that vitamin replenishment can be set accordingly! If necessary, choose a specialist examination based on your needs**, for which we provide a discount of 20%, and you have taken a significant step to avoiding inpatient care and welcoming the spring in good health.

*If your laboratory test results show a deviation, we recommend consulting our internal medicine specialist.

**The discount cannot be combined with other discounts and applies only to first consultations with a specialist doctor, but not to interventions and diagnostic tests.

Our new colleague

We are happy to introduce our new colleague, psychologist Dr. Krisztina Soltész. Her professional conviction is that if one’s personality has difficulty making some of the development leaps required in life, or is unable to complete these, then blockages develop. These subsequently function like time bombs, and can lead to the onset of additional problems. Dr. Soltész supports her clients by means of an online psychology test, which will soon be accessible on the website of our medical centre. We will publicize the appearance of the online test on our Facebook page.

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Are you familiar with the concept of “managers’ disease”?

Arrange an appointment for a manager screening examination! Make sure that your colleagues also have access to such examinations!

Managers’ disease is the collective name of a group of symptoms caused primarily by stress. Patients suffering from such a condition often work as senior or line managers, or the owners of businesses, who carry a great deal of responsibility in terms of the success of their company, decisions regarding a large number of employees and adherence to tight deadlines. Constant readiness and tension is an inseparable part of life for such people.

To understand the essence of stress, let us go back a few hundred thousand years in time. Our ancestors faced a dilemma of “fight or flight” on a regular basis during their daily battle for survival. To protect their lives, they either had to fight or run, with their sympathetic nervous system[1] making the utmost resources available for this purpose. In such situations, the body is able to generate an increased amount of energy by releasing hormones, which convert fat and protein into sugar. The heartbeat and breathing quicken, the rate of metabolism accelerates. “Superfluous” activities, such as digestion, are suspended. Endorphin is released, which acts like a natural painkiller. Blood vessels near the skin contract, to reduce bleeding in case of injury. Thus, the body did everything it could to ensure that we should be successful, no matter if we fight or flight.

This is of course followed by a return to normal conditions, a state of calm. In the autonomic nervous system[2], the parasympathetic system[3] begins the process of regeneration. Regular heart rate is restored, blood supply to the muscles decreases, digestion resumes and absorbed nutrients are stored in the body.

When are managers at rest nowadays?

If they are lucky, managers may have a type “B” personality. This means that they have a well-developed sense of humour, a jovial attitude to life, and are able to avoid irritation. They are cool and relaxed.

Type “A” personalities, on the other hand, are competitive, performance-oriented and impatient. They are uneasy, full of doubt and find it difficult to switch off.

Thus, if someone works in a position with a great deal of responsibility, is a type “A” personality and their work involves a lot of challenges, this is akin to being in a constant fight or flight situation. The sympathetic nervous system is constantly active, the muscles are tense, circulation intensifies, the pulse is quick and digestion is irregular.

What are the most typical symptoms?

Continuous stress and computer-based work have a negative impact, primarily on circulation, metabolism and locomotive organs.

In 10-15 percent of cases, high blood pressure, blood sugar level or mild cardiac arrhythmia is detected in managers whilst still in their thirties.

They regularly suffer from stomach complaints and indigestion, diarrhoea or constipation. Haemorrhoids can start to appear.

Our spine surgeon is able to identify conditions resulting from constant muscle tension and incorrect, seated body posture. In the long term, these lead to disc herniation and severe articular disease.

Laboratory tests show that a surprisingly large number of patients have a low level of calcium. This is caused by the shortage of vitamin D. To protect themselves against melanomas, people are forced to apply sunscreen when they are out in the sun. It would be important to restore a healthy balance between these needs.

Also, the importance of psychic symptoms should not be underestimated. The continuous tension starts off a negative spiral of sleep problems, a constant feeling of fatigue, difficulties in concentration, which then results in a drop in performance, more tension, etc…

What do doctors recommend for the prevention or treatment of managers’ disease?

It is important to know that the sympathetic nervous system uses adrenalin and noradrenalin hormones to communicate with the organs in our body. Durable stress causes our organs to be continuously full of these hormones. The reactions caused by this (tense muscles, contracted blood vessels, heightened cardiac activity, sweating, dry mouth, the nervous system being in a constant state of readiness) leads to the development of diseases in these organs.

These risks can be mitigated by generating not only adrenalin, but also endorphins, i.e. happiness hormones in our body, and the risks will be reduced. The easiest way to do this is through exercise.

A change in one’s environment, for example, through travel or relaxation over the weekend, changes the focus of one’s attention. Whilst trying to find our bearings during mountain climbing, or in a new city, our autonomic nervous system switches to parasympathetic operation, and relaxes. Dedicating time to our favourite pastime or hobby has the same effect. It is difficult to dwell on corporate problems when one is doing cooking, photography or DIY work.

The cultivation of social relations also reduces the effects of stress. The feeling of care and being loved reassures and relaxes the individual. Having good friends, a supportive family and a healthy couple relationship help us to maintain that sensitive balance.

Another potential solution is the use of conscious problem-solving or conflict management methods or relaxation techniques, as a cognitive coping mechanism.

Solutions such as smoking, drinking and unbridled partying, frequently used to combat stress, are nothing more than superfluous treatment. They do not relieve stress, but suppress it, cover it up, whilst their damaging effects further weaken the personality’s coping energies, and ultimately aggravate the negative spiral.

But it is possible to reverse this spiral; with true friends instead of superfluous relationships, creative pastimes instead of partying, sports and a gourmet dinner instead of pills.

And regular preventive screening examinations are of course also important!

[1] Prepares the body for stressful situations, releases adrenalin and noradrenalin into the relevant organs.

[2] Controls essential processes required for survival, independently from our will.

[3] Responsible for restoring a state of calm to the body, i.e. regeneration and replenishment.

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